Jessica Dohmen-Vereijssen

Jessica Dohmen-Vereijssen is a Senior Scientist in the ‘Insect behaviour and ecology’ team at Plant & Food Research in Lincoln. She trained at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) as an ecological entomologist and plant pathologist.

She embarked on a PhD in Plant Pathology at the Institute of Sugar Beet Research, studying the epidemiology of a foliar pathogen in sugar beet and developing and implementing a Decision Support System to help growers control the disease more sustainably and profitably. She continued to work there as Scientist of Foliar Pathogens and Aerial Insects.

In New Zealand, Jessica conducted an AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowship with Stephen Goldson at the Bio-Protection Research Centre (Lincoln University). There she studied the ecophysiological responses of weevil pasture pests and their parasitoids for improved management.

In 2012, Jessica started with Plant & Food Research in Lincoln, working on insect population dynamics, phenology, behaviour, vector-host-plant interactions, sustainable insect management – all concentrated on tomato potato psyllid and Liberibacter. More recently she became the theme leader for Eradication & Response in Better Border Biosecurity (B3).


Wednesday, 26th July 2017
Tomato psyllid and zebra chip disease-what’s next?
1:40 PM  -  1:55 PM