Pat Silcock

Patrick Silcock is the manager of the Product Development Research Centre (PDRC). The Product Development Research Centre is part of the Department of Food Science at the University of Otago and offers commercially-focused research and consultancy services. The Product Development Research Centre undertakes projects with industry (small – medium sized enterprises to multinational companies) that apply food science and related scientific knowledge to enhance their products or processes, and to assist their businesses achieve a competitive edge.


His professional specialties are in the areas of food chemistry, sensory science, product development, shelf-life extension and calculation, food spoilage and general food consultancy. His research interests include food quality assessment and factors influencing flavour perception and flavour generation.


Wednesday, 26th July 2017
The use of pulsed electric field technology to mitigate zebra chip phenomena in potato fries
03:15 PM  -  03.25 PM