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Business Information

Postal Address:
Postal Address:

Health and Safety Management

How often do you hold toolbox meetings? *

Accident/Incident/Near Miss

Have you had a “Notifiable” incident within the past 12 months that was notified to WorkSafe while on site at a conference?
Please provide a copy of an Incident/Near Miss Form that you use while on site at the Conference
Maximum upload size: 10.49MB

Hazard Management – only complete if you are bringing hazardous substances onsite

Will you be bringing any hazardous substances or materials on site?

Section: Hazardous substances

Please provide a copy of your Hazard Register relevant to the work you will perform onsite (if relevant)
Maximum upload size: 10.49MB
Do you identify all hazards and controls that are required before commencing work?
Are your staff required to wear PPE?

Emergency Procedures

Will your staff have a First Aid Kit onsite? *

Sub-Contractors – only complete if you are having a sub-contractor complete your build

Do you engage sub-contractors? *

Section: Sub-Contractors

Training – as relevant to being onsite at the conference

Are your Workers qualified or been trained for the work they will undertake *

Section: Training

Please provide a sample copy of an Employee Training Record
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In submitting this application, we confirm that:

  • We are aware of our obligations and responsibilities and will comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its subsequent additions and amendments, all industry codes of practice and regulations, and will hold the relevant certification and permits for the work to be carried out.
  • We will provide our workers with the appropriate personal protection equipment and ensure that they will be fully trained and competent to use the machinery, equipment, tools and substances necessary to carry out the work that this application covers.
  • Our workers shall agree to attend all site inductions and be bound by any site-specific rules including:
    • reporting any incident or near miss, and
    • reporting any potential hazard that has been identified during the course of our
      business, and
    • attending any drug and alcohol screening test in accordance with the clients’ health and safety policy
  • We will ensure that any Subcontractors we may use will adhere to these requirements.
  • We will seek approval from the client or site management for disposing of any waste onsite
    arising from the contract.
Health and Safety Onsite Policies and Procedures