Humility is killing our industry – When we get over ourselves, our consumers will get all over us!

Monday, 8th August 2022

The New Zealand Food & Fibre Story planning is underway in a mission to unearth the deep rooted value proposition we represent as a nation pan-sector to move from ‘volume to value’.

Sarah Perriam believes the value is in our values. She will tap into the root causes of the consumer / producer divide from her experience and knowledge over 10 years the agri-media industry, recently in Auckland with MediaWork’s RadioLIVE & TV3’s ‘AM Show’.

Being raised on a hearty meal of ‘brand’ over ‘commodity’ as she watched her uncle John Perriam build the valuable Merino story, Sarah is passionate about the untapped profit margin in our food & fibre industry’s intangible asset – authentic story-telling.

And she believes the biggest threat to our growth opportunities is our own humility.

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