Producing ‘clean’ seed, science into practice

Wednesday, 14th August 2019
3:49 pm

Producing ‘clean’ seed, science into practice.

Producing Clean Seed: Science into Practice.

Chris Thorman BSc (Hons), FACTS, BASIS

In 1989 & 90 significant financial losses due to fungal diseases in the processing cultivar ‘Record’, the main stay of the UK crisping industry, led to work to develop a practical and effective solution with the main target being Skin Spot. It was identified that whilst potential disease was related to level of inoculum on the seed, the severity was related to storage conditions. The development of Limited Field Generation techniques created an opportunity to develop a radical new protocol to produce “Clean Seed”. However, putting “clean” mini tubers into a “dirty” system would not necessarily solve the issue. A seed production protocol was developed to limit infection at every stage of the seed multiplication process. 29 years later, the Scottish Grower Group involved in this work is still regarded as one of the best for production of quality processing seed potatoes in Europe. In this presentation, I will describe the relevance of this work in relation to the NZ context.

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