Niki Bezzant

President - NZ Food Writers

Niki Bezzant is a New Zealand-based writer, speaker, editor and commentator. Niki is passionate about food, healthy eating, nutrition, food culture, marketing and policy. As founding editor (now editor-at-large) of Healthy Food Guide magazine, a columnist for the Herald on Sunday and a frequent contributor to radio and television, she has extensive knowledge of modern media and consumer attitudes and headspace when it comes to healthy eating. Niki has been involved in the food media for nearly 20 years. She founded the website for Cuisine magazine and was that publication’s first web editor. She is currently president of Food Writers New Zealand, the professional body for food communicators. She is a proud ambassador for the “Garden to Table” programme, which helps kids learn how to grow, cook and share food. She is a member of the Council of Directors for the “True Health Initiative”, a global coalition of health professionals, dedicated to sharing a science-based message of what we know for sure about lifestyle and health.

The rise and rise of plant-based diets: what it means, and what it means for you

If there’s an eating trend we’re hearing about more and more in 2019, it’s ‘plant-based eating’. But what does the term really mean? Do consumers really know? The term is currently being applied to veganism, vegetarianism, flexitarianism and all of the above. What does science say about plant-based eating? Is it  – as some suggest – the way of eating that will solve all the world’s problems including obesity, diabetes and climate change? Or is it just another fad? Nutrition writer Niki Bezzant explores the myths, truths and misunderstandings of plant-based diets, and outlines what the trend could mean for your health, and what opportunities it opens up for your business.


Wednesday, 14th August 2019
The rise and rise of plant-based diets: what it means, and what it means for you
2:17 pm

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