Prof Richard Falloon

Professor Richard E Falloon

Richard Falloon is Senior Research Fellow in the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, and Honorary Professor (Plant Pathology) at Lincoln University. His research has focused on soilborne diseases of potato, particularly those caused by Spongospora subterranea. These studies have emphasised the importance of root infection by this pathogen, causing harmful effects on potato growth and productivity. He has also worked to determine the status of soilborne diseases in potato cropping, and to establish appropriate strategies for practical disease management.

Prof Falloon currently leads a project to examine soils that are “suppressive” to Spongospora diseases of potato, funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia and Potatoes New Zealand. This study is characterising physical, chemical and biological characteristics of different soils that affect Spongospora root galling and tuber powdery scab in potato crops. This knowledge may lead to practical manipulations to enhance disease suppression.


Tuesday, 13th August 2019
Spongospora HIA suppressive soils
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